"Through no fault of his own, Allen Lowe has become jazz’s quintessential outsider artist."
-Francis Davis

"Allen Lowe is an American master. I was absolutely astonished by the new CD. The CD blew me away -- the compositional transitions, the liner notes -- Allen Lowe is a great writer. It's hillbilly music but it's trans-national. Allen Lowe is one of the few musicians doing anything new today. He is the tradition. I'm a big fan of Allen Lowe and I think as a musician and a scholar he is very important and I think he is deeply misunderstood because he doesn't hate himself."
- Anthony Braxton

Books and CD Reissues

Critically acclaimed Books and CD Reissues, on the History of Jazz and the History of the Blues

"Allen Lowe has made a crucial contribution to American culture, and all those who want to see our musical history whole are in his debt".
- Greil Marcus

Original Compositions

CDs of his original compositions, as performed by Julius Hemphill, David Murray, Roswell Rudd, Doc Cheathem, Marc Ribot, Matthew Shipp, Loren Schoenberg, Don Byron, Lewis Porter, Randy Sandke

"Angular, sly and funky, Lowe's CD is a bona fide wake up call from the avant garde."
-- Jonathan Lethem

"(Allen Lowe) extracts the most soulful sounds out of a synthesizer since Steve Wonder, composes ambient-evocative instrumentals, and songs with vernacular lyrics that stick in the mind like those of Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Mose Allison or Lou Reed."
-- Mike Gerber, from the book Jazz Jews

Book the Band

Book the band that plays the blues and more.

"Lowe's CD has become my go-to album when I can't decide if I am in the mood for the Art Ensemble, the Minutemen or Blind Willie Johnson."
-- Internet Post